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Why You Should Own the New LG G8 ThinQ

Reviews are out on the LG G8 smartphone and there are several factors to consider when looking into a possible upgrade. LG’s flagship phones were released in two types, the G-series and the V-Series. The G-Series is known for its 4G connectivity while the V-Series would be known for its 5G connectivity.

The size of the G8 was surprisingly compact and thin. Its specs are actually similar to Samsung’s Galaxy S10. It’s also capable of transitioning to a core services platform for user-friendly convenience. For instance, if Google is what you often use then trying Google’s messages and calendar could improve your overall experience.

Regardless of which phone you choose or how long you will wait before upgrading, any of the smartphones mentioned have more highs than lows. To get a better idea of the pros and cons of the LG G8 ThinQ, take a look at what consumers’ first impressions were.


  • Overall Safe Design
  • Immersive Audio Options
  • Reliable & Speedy Performance
  • Exciting Camera Features
  • Impressive Facial Unlock
  • Superb OLED Display


  • Unnecessary Bloatware
  • Battery Life Surprisingly Limited
  • Air Motion and Hand ID Leave More To Be Desired

Users, however, didn’t simply brush aside the new smartphone. The front and rear of the mobile phone are constructed of gorilla glass for protection from scratches. Many fans found LG’s G8 ThinQ had deeper colors due to the bright display. The darker hues were vibrant, even in daylight.

The safe glassy construction coupled with the sharp OLED display makes for a worthy flagship smartphone. Its edges are curved, delivering a more ergonomic feel while providing excellent grip.

Despite all the bells and whistles, without preventative measures, costly damage can result from a simple drop. If you are one fan that intends on upgrading, consider Ghostek for your premium G8 waterproof case, G8 wallet case, or other rugged protective covers.

Leading Cases and Covers

The COVERT is an ultra-thin clear case made for the LG G8 ThinQ. It features reinforced shock absorbing corners and a scratch-resistant clear back. The enhanced drop protection can withstand drops from as high as two meters. The phone case is face ID, hand ID, and fingerprint compatible. It also supports wireless charging.

If you’re more interested in specifics, like tough durability, the IRON ARMOR line-up is worth a look. For ideas on wallet cases, Ghostek’s EXEC series will get your attention. Don’t risk dropping your phone in water and losing all your data. The ATOMIC SLIM series is built with major shockproof features in mind.

Chargers and Accessories

Tired of losing your USB charging cable? Maybe the charging box for the outlet won’t work anymore. Better yet, do you like camping, hiking, or generally being out and about? If you’re worried about the battery life of the upcoming phone why not take a look at all your wireless charging options. Ghostek offers choice portable power banks designed to meet all one’s smartphone power needs.

The NRGpak Power Bank comes in two battery capacity options, 10,000mAh and 5,000mAh. Both wireless power banks have an ultra-slim, lightweight construction with high-speed charging capabilities. Even with the slender construction, they’re powerful enough to charge up to two devices at once.

Browse Ghostek for headphones, Bluetooth speakers, camping gear, and more.

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