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Samsung Galaxy A72 Case and Accessories

Samsung Galaxy A72 Case and Accessories


The Samsung Galaxy A72 5G smartphone is a remarkable phone with all the excellent features. It is only fair that you have all the best Samsung Galaxy A72 Case and accessories information that perk up your phone. 

The most essential accessories that you should get for your phone are a protective Samsung Galaxy A72 case, the best charger, and an optimum charging cable wire. 

We have given you the list of the best cases and accessories that you can choose from for the best experience.

Best Overall Case: Iron Armor

Samsung Galaxy A72 5G Belt Clip Phone Case

Price: $24.98

You invested in an expensive phone and now it is time that you invest in a case that will keep your phone protected from any damage. The Iron Armor Samsung Galaxy A72 case ranks first in the list of best cases overall that clearly meet the protection needs of your phone. 

This Samsung Galaxy A72 case has a military-grade shockproof design that protects your phone even after falling from 12 feet. However, the case is designed to prevent any drops because of its anti-slip material.

Let’s have a better look at all the striking features.

  • Rotating swivel belt-clip: Allows easy access to your mobile without having to reach your pocket every time
  • Kickstand: This Samsung Galaxy A72 case has a kickstand that makes it easy for you to jump or even run without worrying about your phone falling off
  • Dual Layer: The dual-layer material provides military-grade protection 
  • Shock Proof: Prevents any damage even after falling from 12 feet 
  • Lifted Bezels: Protects your phone’s display and camera when you drop your phone
  • Cardholder Slot: Helps carry 4 important cards that have frequent use without adding bulk to your phone
  • Anti-slip material: Gives a good grasp on your phone even with sweaty palms
  • Slim-fit: Makes it effortless to access the buttons without having to press too hard 


Best Clear Case: Covert

Covert Galaxy A72 Protective Case

Price: $14.98


With the covert Samsung Galaxy A72 case, you can show off your phone with a scratch-resistant design. This case does not come with added features like a belt clip or a cardholder, but it does a perfectly good job at protecting your valuable phone.

This case is available in three different colors - Clear, Pink, and Smoke, all of which complement your Samsung Galaxy A72 phone excellently. 

Let’s look at the explicit features of this Samsung Galaxy A72 case. 

  • Shockproof: Protects your phone even after falling from 8 feet
  • Scratch Resistant: Prevents any scratch on the cover which makes it easy for you to flaunt your astounding phone
  • Lifted Bezels: Protects the screen if your phone falls on its face and the rear camera if it falls on its back
  • Durable: The material used to make this case makes it strong and last for a long time
  • Accessibility: Makes all the buttons easily accessible because of the case’s sleek design


Best Wallet Case: Iron Armor

Iron Armor Series Galaxy A72 5G Case with Belt Clip

Price: $24.98

The Iron Armor Samsung galaxy A72 case comes with a cardholder slot that helps you carry your essential frequent use cards without having to remember to bring your wallet every time. 

This Samsung Galaxy A72 case is a good option for travellers who can’t carry an extra bag for money and other important cards. It is also suitable for businessmen who have frequent use of cards.

The sleek design of this case allows easy access to all the buttons without having to press too hard. The design of this case is also shockproof, which prevents any damage to your phone even after falling from 12 feet. 

Best Samsung Galaxy A72 Charger

It is important to choose the right charger for your phone unless you want to lose your hard-earned money to constant repairs. There are certain required specifications that make up a good charger like:


  • Input Voltage: 200 to 240V 
  • Output Current Rating: High output current rating
  • Output Voltage Rating: 5V DC is the most suitable
  • Insulation Symbol should be present on your charger because it assures that there won’t be any risk of electrical shocks
  • Certification like MFI or CE assures that you get a charger with all the required specifications

Make sure that you buy a cable that covers all these parameters that make up a good charger.

We suggest that you take proper care of your original charger because it is the best charger that you can get for your Samsung Galaxy A72 phone with all the required specifications. It is tailor-made for the Samsung Galaxy A72 and will keep your phone’s battery healthy.


Best Samsung Galaxy A72 Charging Cable: Ghostek USB C



Price: $14.98


It is important to get a cable wire that gives you an optimal charging rate. All USB Type-C cables may appear to be the same, but all cables work differently in terms of charging and data transferring speed.

If you want the best cable wire after losing your original cable for your Samsung Galaxy A72, then the Ghostek USB Type-C cable is suitable for you. It supports 100W charging which provides top-speed charging to your phone.

It is available in a maximum length of 10 feet which makes it comfortable for you to use your phone while charging without pulling the wire. It has a one-year warranty which is really great.

Let’s have a look at some of the spectacular features:

  • Compatible with all mobiles and tablets 
  • Made from strong metal so it does not break easily if you have a rough use
  • The nylon braided material does not create any knots
  • Available in 3 sizes - 3 feet and 6 feet and 10 feet
  • Available in  4 colors - Black, Pink, Grey, and Gold
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


We have provided a list of the best Samsung Galaxy A72 accessories that will perk up your smartphone. We hope that this guide helps you choose the best accessories for your phone.

Guard your precious phone using the best Samsung Galaxy A72s case that best suits your needs. Also, get a charger with optimum data transferring speed and strong cable wire for top-speed charging.


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