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iPhone 15 Rumors: Everything You Need To Know About The New iPhone

We might be getting a new iPhone in 2023. Apple has not yet confirmed but we're keeping tabs on all the speculations and leaks regarding the new iPhones because the iPhone 15 is expected to include some significant improvements in terms of style and functions.


Although the USB-C connector will be used by all iPhone 15 models. Renders of the gadget made based on circulating details show that the iPhone 15 Pro variants would reportedly have slimmer, more curved bezels compared to the iPhone 14 Pro versions. The iPhone 15 models will resemble the iPhone 14 models with glass front and back, an aluminum frame, and flatter edges, whereas the iPhone 15 Pro variants will only have these deeper curves.

Apple's iPhone 15 Pro series is anticipated to have more curved front glass that blends better into the frame and a titanium chassis rather than a stainless steel one. You can check out our range of iPhone cases. 

Color options

It's possible that the iPhone 15 variants will come in light blue and dark pink. The traditional black, white, and red color selections are likely to be offered alongside the vivid pink and blue hues.


Although there are no significant design changes forthcoming, Apple will keep offering four models: the 6.1-inch iPhone 15, and 6.7-inch iPhone 15 Pro Max. The ordinary iPhone 15 models will cost less, while the "pro" models will cost more and include additional high-end capabilities.

Uncertainty surrounds Apple's decision to change the iPhone 15's size from 6.1 inches to 6.2 inches, according to one rumor.


One of the first iPhone 15 rumors mentions a potential update to a new camera. The iPhone 15 may, at last, receive a periscope camera for enhanced long-distance shooting and zoom capabilities, allegedly along with updated lenses for higher-quality images. Their main cameras (wide) will be upgraded to 48MP with a 1/1.5 image sensor size.


A more power-efficient OLED display driver chip, produced on a 28nm process, might be included in all iPhone 15 versions, allowing for less power usage that might ultimately enhance battery life.

Despite the switch to Dynamic Island, the basic iPhone 15 models will not have ProMotion or always-on display technologies. Apple will keep keeping these features exclusive to Pro devices.

Although it is predicted that the Dynamic Island on the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro will have an improved design with a built-in proximity sensor, neither the Dynamic Island's appearance nor its functionality won't be much changed by this change.


The iPhone 15 Pro is anticipated to bump up in price by a whopping $100. Analyst Jeff Pu thinks an increase in the price of the iPhone 15 Pro is likely as the next-generation iPhone will possibly include more enhanced capabilities.

If the $100 estimate is correct, the price of the iPhone 15 Pro would exceed $1,000, and the price of the iPhone 15 Pro Max would reach $1,199.

It's unclear whether the U.K., Australia, or other nations will be affected by this price increase. Now we would suggest get the best protection cover to make sure the product you spent all this money on stays unharmed. You can check out our range of iPhone cases

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Release Date

The iPhone 14 went on sale on Friday, September 16, having debuted on Wednesday, September 7. The iPhone 14 might be unveiled on September 6 and go on sale on September 15 if Apple followed a similar trend.


We know you can't wait for the new iPhone to come out, We can’t either! But there are still a couple of months left so we will keep our eyes and ears open for any new rumors and keep updating you so you can rest assured.

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